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Ishimori and Yamaha Japan Visit


On the 26th of December, 2019 (boxing day!) I visited Ishimori wind instruments company in Japan. Having already owned several of their amazing ligatures I was keen to visit their store and see where they make all of their incredible products. The store was decked out with rare and vintage saxophones, clarinets and accessories. I picked out a few new ligatures to take home before heading to the Yamaha wind instruments factory in Hamamatsu. The factory is absolutely mind-blowing. We had a guided tour around the manufacturing process of all woodwind and brass instruments, though strictly no photographs were allowed! Of particular interest was seeing the master technicians engrave professional saxophone bells by hand. My jaw was on the floor!

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra audition


On the 25th of November I auditioned for the second/bass clarinet position with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. I was quite happy with how I played despite my limited preparation time due to teaching commitments. Even though I wasn't successful in winning the job, it was still an incredible experience to audition and I was proud of myself for doing it. Plus I love any excuse to go to Tasmania! Now to keep practicing towards the next audition, whatever it may be!

Photography: Melissa Baldwin

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